Friday, February 27

Pictures are IN!

Today we received the pictures back. A number of them turned out very cute!!

Thursday, February 26

Audrey's first tailgating party - at the Curling Club!!

Josh curls every Wednesday with a number of his friends and last year they did a tailgating party and tradition lived on. Last year all of the wives attended the festivities so this year we came again but with babies :)
It was a balmy 10 degrees out so the wives all elected to stay inside and chat while the men cooked the brats & hamburgers and drank beer in the frigid cold.
Here is a picture of the ladies with their baby from left to right:
Melissa & Peyton (6mo.), Emily & Hattie (4 1/2mo.),
me & Audrey (5 weeks), Meagan & Dillon (3weeks).

Tuesday, February 24

Strolling through the DLCCC

Today a friend from work - Julie (she's holding Audrey from the shower in the pictures below) came over. She was kind enough to bring me lunch, chatted for awhile and then she feed Audrey. It was great to see a friendly face from work. Audrey and I then met Megan and Dillon at the community center to do alittle walking in the stroller. It was Audrey's first time in the stroller, very exciting news. She sat very content for 45 minutes looking at the bright white ceiling and lights until hunger set in and so we headed home. As we were heading out two grandmother age gals stopped us and started squeezing checks and saying how adorable both babies were, and of course we could not deny it :)

Saturday, February 21

Today Audrey is 1 month old!!!
We had picture day today. The gentleman that took the pictures sent us a few to show us the editing he can do. They look pretty neat. We didn't get any pictures of Audrey naked or asleep, she was super fussy!!!! And of course today she is an angel no fussing.

Tuesday, February 17

Audrey's 4 week check up

Today we went to Audrey's check up with the doctor and you will not believe how big she is, 6lbs 9 ozs and 18.75 ins long! She is growing wonderfully so we don't have to see the doctor for another month.

Friday, February 13

We have a WINNER

Today we found a bottle that Audrey likes :) She has hit a record!! She drank 4.5 ounces!!!

Little Pink Bear

At the hopsital Audrey receive a little pink bear from Grandma and Grandpa Hochgraber. We took at picture at one day old, one week old, and now 3.5 weeks old. See how she grows.

Thursday, February 12

More outings

Audrey and Amy had big outings the past two days!
Yesterday Amy went to work for the morning and Josh stayed home with Audrey. Later that afternoon Audrey and Amy went to the community center, Amy walked on the treadmill and Audrey sat in her car seat - sleeping beauty :). Then we went to the Curling Club and watched Josh curl - we think he won, too busy chatting with the mom's.

Today Audrey and Amy went to work for the baby shower. The shower was originally scheduled for 1/23, but Audrey was in a hurry to come so it had to postponed until today, it was so much fun. We had a local caterer prepare tacos and we had a great cake. I received a number of wonderful gifts from my co-workers/friends. The HR team gave Audrey the swing.
Julie & Breezie holding Audrey

Saturday, February 7

Grandma & Grandpa Hochgraber Babysit

Thank you so much Pat & Kieth!!! They came to DL today and babysat Audrey for the day and ENTIRE NIGHT - they even woke up with her throughout the night. Pretty amazing :)
Josh and I went to Fargo - did a little shopping and then went to a hockey game.

It was nice to get away for the day and SLEEP through the night :) Audrey is so lucky to have such great grandparents that love her so much. They even took a few pictures of her - like this one with Katie's glow worm.

Friday, February 6

Sleeping, Eating, and Changing Diapers

Anyone that is a new mother can relate, all I do is sleep, eat, and change diapers, but it's been an adventure and fun! Everyday we have new little milestones, like today I tried a new bottle and Audrey went ok - but not going to stick with it - on to the next - what an adventure. Three weeks ago I was talking about milestones at work and today I'm excited to get Audrey to sleep more than 3 hours and drink from a new bottle, how priorities change!! We are very fortunate, Audrey sleeps 2 - 3 hours at a time. At night she sleeps, wakes up to eat, and then back to the crib she goes! Josh thinks its so tough too :)

Thursday, February 5

Tummy Time

Today Audrey and I were playing with the camera and we had TUMMY TIME, very exciting :)

Wednesday, February 4

BIG day out

Today Audrey had a doctor appointment - 2 week check up. She is growing leaps and bounds - she is 5lbs 6oz!! WOW!!! The doctor gave her another two thumbs up, and he'd like to see her in another two weeks just to keep an eye on her, but she is doing just great.

Then we all went to visit the Barker's in the hospital, baby Dillon has arrived! Josh and Drew (proud daddy's) grew up together in North Dakota and now Audrey and Dillon will grow up together.

After the visit, Amy and Audrey went to the MOTION wrap up party and Josh went to curling.

Audrey slept good that night :)