Wednesday, September 30

Dr Mike Appointment

Audrey at her first eye appointment with Dr Mike. Josh and I are not blessed with the best eyes so when we heard that infants can get an eye exam, we jumped at the opportunity.

Playing and watching Veggie Tales while we wait for AJ's eyes to dilate.

Monday, September 21

Weekend of Play

Peek - A - BooNew Toy. . .

Trying to crawl . . . everyday AJ gets closer and closer
Ahhh I need a break. . . Perfect - The Food Network!
Mommy and my favorite :)

Tuesday, September 15

Daddy & AJ play while Mommy's Away

Amy is gone for a few days on a business trip so AJ and I have been playing alot. I took this on my phone so excuse the bad video, but I wanted to show Amy what we have been up to!

Monday, September 14

BYOB Party

This past weekend we went to a Bring Your Own Baby party.
There were 10 kids - 5 boys and 5 girls and all within 4 months of each other.
Many of us meet at what Josh calls "the how to have a baby class".
We are very fortunate to have great friends in small town America :)