Tuesday, July 26

Sunday...Monday....Fun day!

Fun in the sun! Audrey just loves jumping off the boat and lounging with Dad in the water - for a minute before she says "Dad can I jump again!"

Nothing is better than fresh beans from the garden, no need to wash. Please look away from the weeds, we neglected it for a while.

On Monday, we celebrated Great Grandma Audrey and Grandpa Keith's birthday. We celebrated with a family gathering, Mexican food and cake - great combination.

Audrey enjoys watching the deer in the backyard, especially when the babies prance around.

Monday, July 11

Starting weekend of Water Carnival

Another BIG summer event in DL is the Water Carnival and it started this weekend.

We started Saturday morning with DL Fly-In. Audrey enjoyed watching and going into the helicopters and airplanes.

It's starting...she likes shoes and she likes to wear mine too!

Then to the "crashing". Audrey liked standing with Hattie watching the cars go "boom"!

A little dance party Sunday afternoon... Tim does a great job with all of the kids.

Dancing or jumping.. either way she loved it

Wednesday, July 6

Ride'em Cowboys

We spent the weekend in Cowboy town USA - Bismarck/Mandan

with Uncle Ben & Auntie Cara!

We went to the Mandan Rodeo both Saturday & Sunday Night and Parade on the 4th.