Monday, June 29

Veggie's already . . .

Wouldn't you know it?!
Amy is sneaking veggie's into Audrey's diet at 5 1/2 months!!

Tonight we thought we'd try Mum-Mum's and Audrey was alittle confused at first, but she ended up eating half of the rice cake.
See she likes her veggies like her mommy already :)

We thought we'd show you how much she ate and threw a fork in there to show a size comparision of the rice cake.

I'm sure you are thinking Mum-Mum, didn't you mean "Yum-Yum"? NOPE, here is a picture of the box. We tried a little & they are not bad but Amy won't trade her veggies for rice crackers any time soon!!

Sunday, June 28

Gearing up for the long week ahead. . .

Tuesday we pack our bags and make the 9 hour drive to Chicago for Amy's family reunion. So this weekend we laid low and relaxed.
We started the weekend with a little Pilate's. . .
Then we had to break out the boots brother Ben and Cara gave Audrey for our walk (not really walking boots, but fun to see what she would do with them on!). We went for a walk at the Tamarac National Refuge north of DL. A little buggy, but worth it to be outdoors and breathing in the fresh air.

Tuesday, June 23

First Boat Ride. . .
It took us awhile, but we finally got a ride in the boat!
Doesn't she look so cute in her bonnet - it's the same Auntie Katie wore!
Cara (Ben's girlfriend) is holding her.

Happy FIRST Father's Day.

Audrey's gift to Daddy. . .

First we had to go make the gift. Emily, Hattie, Audrey and I went to Clay Your Way in Fargo.

Then Audrey went to daycare and made daddy a tie.

Finally we gave daddy the mug. . .

Audrey and I decided to place her footprint inside of a pumpkin on the mug

because Daddy calls her "his little pumpkin"!

Sunday, June 14

We think Audrey finally found her VOICE!!!

WARNING - she has a VERY high pitch voice!

Here is a short video of Audrey talking - in my mind it's more like screaming, but if she is smiling and happy, mom and dad are happy:)

Friday, June 12

Just for fun

Maybe Audrey will be a Boilermaker and go to Purdue like Mom!?

Audrey's first food. . just kidding! She has been sucking on her fingers, fist, toys, anything she can get in her month so we gave her a

Monday, June 1

(Two weeks late - she's already 4 months, 2 weeks)
Today our little peanut had her 4 month check up.
She came in at a whopping 12.3 pounds (19th percentile) and 24" long (31st percentile).
At Audrey's 2 month check up she was 9.3 pounds (11th percentile) and 21" long (5th percentile).

While waiting for the doctor Josh and Audrey played.

Do you think Audrey looks like her daddy?! (We don't know either!)
Three shots is hard work. . .