Sunday, June 20

Up on the farm - Bubbles & Radishes oh my

Fresh off the farm - RADISHES - what 1 year old child doesn't LOVE THEM!!!
Dad - give my 2nd radish back.

Great G Audrey was really entertaining AJ.

G&G Hooch really know how to pick out bubble tools for a great time.

Saturday, June 19

good to be home

Josh and I had a busy week without seeing each other (first Josh was gone to the cities and then I went to IL for business trip) so it is good to be home again!

First thing on the agenda . . . get a pontoon ride in.

This morning we went on . . .

Did you know that Detroit Lakes. . .
* Had the world's smallest gas station - it measured 3 1/2' by 4'.
* The Graystone building use to be 4 seperate buildings but now it's one.
* The Norby's Building has 4 layers of brick facade.
* The Public Library was built in 1911 with funds from wealthy business tycoon Andrew Carnegie.
* In 1950 there were TEN car dealerships in town.

It was a little cooler than expected, but luckily we have lots of very random clothing thrown in the car. Josh was a trooper, he gave up all of his extra so I could tolerate the wind and cooler temperature.

Tuesday, June 8

Running around . . .

the city park & beach with my shades on
and not a care in the world!!!

Thursday, June 3

Morning Routine

Audrey displaying great hygiene.
BrUshY, bRusHy!!
Audrey says, "now YOU brush!"