Sunday, November 29

Thanksgiving Weekend

Audrey was really busy entertaining for Thanksgiving!

First, Grandma Debbie (center in photo below) & Auntie Cindy visited from Alabama & North Branch, MN.
Then we played with Grandma & Grandpa H after eating too much.
On Friday we went to the Perham Parade of lights with the Barkers to get into the Christmas spirit. We had to dress warm so Audrey tried on Mommy's moon boots.
Had Breck Blilie & friends over for Saturday night pizza.

On Sunday, Audrey & Josh went on a play date.

We got into the car...
We went into a building...
Audrey got pretty tired.
And that's all you need to know for right now, b/c it's Christmas time!! :)

Thursday, November 12

New discoveries every day

STAIRS - We learned how to climb up the stairs today - no thanks to Josh's encouragement.

DISHWASHER - Audrey was walking around the dishwasher then she began to pull the rack in and out, in and out. Josh had to grab the camera.

Wednesday, November 11

AJ is. . .

1. Crawling everywhere - she finally discovered the rest of the house.

2. Getting her top two teeth in.

3. Waving to everyone.

4. Pulling herself up everywhere.

5. Loving to look at books, she reads from left to right and turns the pages. Grandma Pat is so proud. It's in the nightly routine. :)

6. Cruising along the sofa and coffee table.

7. Learning the word "no". She reaches for items on the table or plants around the house, we say no and she listens!

8. RUNNING in her walker. She can take off a toe or two if you are in her way. We race around the island.
9. Liking to play with toys that have moving parts or make fun noises. Shiny jewelry is always a hit too.

This is for you Grandma Pat!

A few photos that Josh took on his cell

(I know the qaulity is bad, but fun photos.)

Audrey waiving bye bye to the Jeep.Audrey now stands up and lets up know she is ready to get out and play!!

Monday, November 2

All dressed up for the PARTY

We went to a great Halloween party on Saturday. All the kids were dressed up and even some of that parents. Audrey was a duck, Josh was a brake pad sales man (shirt is from 8th grade traveling basketball) and I went as a soft ball player (I wore Josh's 7th grade baseball uniform). - it's almost embarrassing to say that Josh still has these items :) Audery's costume was NEW!

AJ looked so cute crawling around with her tail up in the air.

Audrey loves to stand and walk.
Waddle, waddle, quack, quack :)