Monday, June 18

What's old is new

G & G Hochgraber brought a kitchen set that is old but so new for us.  This hand crafted kitchen set was made by Pat's Uncle Chet many years ago for his own children.  It's a little retro, but with everything old is 'cool' again :)  We planned on bringing it up to the playroom but Audrey started to play right away...maybe tomorrow.

Audrey with the camera, you never know what the pictures will look like, not bad :)

Look at those teeth!  C has 2, Nora 0!

Sunday, June 17

Two weekends of

Last weekend we went to a wedding..all kids had fun (including Ben & Cara)... night full of being goofy and dancing.  For father's day,  we hosted the Hochgraber clan; golfing, Shady Hollow, Zorbaz, and back to our house for a little R&R.

Saturday, June 2

How do we say THANK YOU....

We are so thankful for our time with Miss Leesa - aka Super Nanny.  But the time has come for them to join Big Sister at Monessa's Munchkins. 
Lessa has treated our children as her own.  We are not parting though, she will forever be part of our family.  Her thank you gift to us was surprising us yesterday with 4 month pictures of the twins.  She and Brittany, did a great job capturing the twins. 
The twins just light up when she walks in the door, we will miss you greatly.

4 month stats:
 Nora  11lbs 10 oz (8th percentile)
24" (26th percentile)
Creighton 12lb 6 oz (4th percentile)
24.4" (20th percentile)