Saturday, April 27

4/21 Week Review:
Playtime Saturday morning.
Audrey wear a headband nearly everyday.  When she puts her hat on she still wears it.  I think it's pretty cute.  Hey, at least she doesn't lose them!
Bundle up and ride the gator.
Saturday night Josh and I went to MOTION, a fundraiser for the DLCCC. 
The theme was 80's Prom so we dressed as a preppy 80's couple.
Tuesday night we ate at Marco and played and had story time at the Becker Country Museum.
Nora was on a mission to destroy all of the magazines.
A little play before story time.
Friday after work....spring ARRIVED!! 
It has not hit 50 degrees since last fall and mother nature finally gave us a break, it was 60!!!
The driveway is a little muddy, Josh didn't mind.....I did :)
Saturday we headed into town for the Bike Rodeo. 
Saturday afternoon we had the Moen family over to play and for a BBQ.


Sunday, April 14

Weekend review

Storyland - A Trip Through Childhood Favorites
This weekend we took a visit to the Becker County Museum for the Storyland - A Trip Through Childhood Favorites exhibit.
There was a cute exhibit that all of the kids enjoyed and a true memory of the books Josh and I remember reading.
Lots of Barbies lately!
The prince (Ken) trying to decide which princess he wants. 
Josh stated one time he couldn't play barbie with Audrey because boys don't play with dolls, so the next time Audrey and I were out, we bought him Ken so he can play now :)
Audrey is addicted to Cinderella.
Heart Walk Bake Sale
 On 4/15 BTD is having a bake sale for raise money for the Heart Walk.  Audrey is helping me make yummy pretzels covered with caramel, nuts, coconut and chocolate.
a little brother/sister fun time