Sunday, February 26

Personalities of the Twins

Personalities come through via bath time!

Many ask what their personalities are like and last night we captured them!

Nora: Cool as a cucumber, not much bothers her....

Creighton: Fussing and a BIG sad face!

Again...calm and our sad little man (or it could be that he is in a gown!)

Monday, February 20

Winter is HERE!

or should I say SNOW is FINALLY HERE!

Today Audrey and I spent the afternoon playing in the snow!

It was perfect for building snow children.

I was getting a little tired so we only built Audrey (right), Nora (middle) and Creighton (left).

Both of us were rolling snow balls as big as ourselves.

A little exercise & preventative maintenance on the deck.

Maybe tomorrow we'll get to building mom and dad snowmen!

Thursday, February 16

Our Children...

How blessed we are!

Wednesday, February 15

2012 Valentine weekend

2012 Valentine Day

Friday at Laker Preschool Audrey had a Valentine party and made many crafts.

That night Josh and Audrey went to

"Daddy's Sweetheart Dance"

They had a grand march and danced the night away with all of Audrey's friends.

2/14, officially Valentine's Day

Monessa's Audrey had another party, pictures to come.

Wednesday, February 8

Monday, February 6

Creighton & Nora - 3 weeks old today!

We're 3 weeks old today!

We are sleeping 3 - 4 hours at a time but sometimes only 2!

We are eating 3.5 oz per feeding.

We go through 96 diapers in 4 days.

We eat up a big container of formula in 4 days.

We go through 400 wipes in 2 weeks.

Most of all, we provide much cuddling time with Mom & Dad!