Wednesday, May 11

She knows how to pedal. . .

But, she doesn't know how to STOP.... I asked where does it hurt!


]Tonight we had the landscaper and cement contractors out to start thinking of how to add a little curb appeal.

A little supper and then we FINALLY started to work on the outside of the house.

Audrey was helping me rake the leaves, clean out the flower beds, and pick up sticks.

We also got the patio furniture out and the dock put in too, busy night!

Monday, May 9

Weekend of Celebrations

Little celebrations occur in our lives everyday, this weekend we had many tiny ones, starting with having a family tractor ride. I had never ridden in a tractor before!

A celebration of Audrey able to build a "castle" out of GRASS - something we really don't have at home and running freely without a jacket on.

Celebration - I think not. . . The scary thought of Audrey driving a tractor before a car in only a few short years. I believe Josh started driving tractor at age 5!

The little celebration of Audrey reading to the family.

The celebration of Josh and my birthday and mother's day - big family funny hug.

The celebration of ice cream cake - who doesn't love that :)

Last but not least and most importantly. . . the celebrations of mother's all over. . . Happy Mother's Day!