Thursday, January 31

12 month check up for the twins:
Nora is 17 pounds (5th percentile)and 28 inches (13th percentile).  She is our BUSY ONE and goofy - she makes us laugh!  She is walking, loves playing with anything that anyone else is playing with - she's a little of a bully right now, loves knocking anything off of the end tables, still waiting for hair :), loves eggs, pancake, oatmeal, bananas and black beans.
Creighton Bud is 20 pounds (9th percentile)  and 29 inches (19th percentile).  He is trying to walk, loves playing catch with his daddy, fetch (he tosses the ball and crawls to it and repeats), has lots of hair (haircut #2 this weekend), loves his carbs - pasta, bread, oatmeal, crackers, and green beans. 
Both have big smiles, are clappers, love playing with big sis and going outside - it's an instant smile on their faces!
It's been a CRAZY fast year!
Audrey has her 4 year old appointment soon, we'll keep you posted on that one too.

Sunday, January 27

I was in the kitchen cooking and Audrey called me into the living room.  She said, "Mom, I set up for a yard sale!"  She took every toy that were in the bins in the living room and place it on the table.  I wanted to throw up my arms but all I could do is laugh!

Audrey turns 4!
Monessa had a party for Audrey.  She made her famous chocolate chip cookie cake and this year Audrey picked Hello Kitty decorations.
She received a number of great gifts.  Audrey had to make us pizza and cupcakes right away when she got home.
We have our family birthday celebration 2/2...more pictures to come from that celebration.

The Twins are ONE
Monessa had a party for them and they received great gifts from their friends.
The rocking horse gift was a hit, everyone took turns tonight.