Sunday, February 10

16 inches of new snow and 30+ wind gusts TODAY = blizzard!!! 
and it's still coming down at 10:00pm.
This morning we went to church and it was snowing but by the time we were on our way home the snow was REALLY coming down.  Josh took the tractor and did a run around 2:00 and by the time we went out to play at 4:00 his tracks were completely covered. 
He will have a nice project tomorrow.
Out the back door, we could barely see the lake - 140' away.

Saturday, February 2

Detroit Lakes - they call it HOME!

It's official!  On Friday, Feb 1, 2013 Grandma and Grandpa Hochgraber moved in (at least a few items) into their new home in Detroit Lakes!!!  That's right, G & G will be 15 minutes away instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes.  They will not live here permanently until this summer but now when they come to DL to visit, they can stay in their own home.

We celebrated by going over to their house after work and having Pizza Friday with them and Uncle Ben.  The company was great, but pizza was another story - see pictures below.  We are still not sure what happened, but we made memories!
This room is slated for the playroom.

Here is what happened to the pizza, again we are not really sure, but we are sure the pizza pan started to burn.  The next picture only shows a glimpse of how much smoke was in the house. 
This is not a bad picture, it was just that smoky!
Hanging out around the.....table?
 Making Daddy proud playing catch.
Nora - crazy busy.  Since she is officially walking, she is on the go and as you see below, our little dare devil or likes to be tossed around.

Creighton - had a tough day.  He was ready to go to bed but he just sit an play quietly with a drum lid until it was time to go.
Welcome to Detroit Lakes Pat & Keith, 
we are all so happy to have you here!

Friday, February 1

Audrey's calender to plan the week.  We write down what we did or use stickers to symbolize church, Sunday school, being a good listener - you got the point.  It's fun to put on stickers, stickers, stickers!

let it snow....let me use my toy, FINALLY :)  We got 12" on snow and Josh was up at 5 am blowing the snow with a smile on his face.