Wednesday, November 30

Thanksgiving Weekend

Grandpa Dennis came up from Florida for a week of busy Thanksgiving & Christmas festivities - and we keep him busy. We started his first night with the Fargo Parade of Lights - no pictures but a great parade.

A,B, C LEGO's - thanks Grandpa - Audrey loves signing the alphabet and putting the LEGO's in order.

After hosting Thanksgiving this year at our house we took the next morning easy and decorated the house for Christmas.

Then to another parade of lights, but this time in Perham.

Then off to Lake Park, to the Parade of Christmas Trees. Everyone stood by the tree they liked the most and voted on.

Last but not least the DL Parade of Lights. Josh, Grandpa and Audrey walked with the MARCO float/copier handing candy out to the crowd.

Fast, fun packed week with Grandpa!

Sunday, November 6

Skating ....

.....who knew she could skate!

Audrey went to her 1st skating birthday party this weekend.

Happy Birthday Kennedy & Jackson!

When the girls opened Audrey's presents, she sat by them and was super excited!

Audrey was so excited about skating she asked Monessa if she could take the skates home for the weekend...and of course she had to carry them all the way to the car!

She skated Saturday night and Sunday...looks like we'll have to invest in our own pair.