Sunday, May 31

A Laid Back Weekend

Friday: Josh played golf in the Perham Golf Outing. Audrey and Amy went for a walk with Kerry and Megan and then we all went to dinner at Billy's.

Saturday: We cheated alittle - we went to Mona's Nursery in Vergas to purchased a few plants for the garden. Painted Audrey's toes brite pink. Then the family went to the Petsigner's for alittle BBQ.

Sunday: Josh volunteered at the Street Fair to pick up garbage so Audrey and Amy went to the street fair at 11:00 to have lunch and walk the vendors. Then we planted the garden. . .

A few other things we did over the weekend. . .

Read to Audrey. . .

Amy showing Audrey how to type. . .

New trick with Audrey. . . we think she really likes it - look at that big smile after Josh set her down :)

Wednesday, May 27

Just a few photos from the day

It was a beautiful evening for a walk. The trees are finally getting leaves and the smell of lawns being mowed was in the air (I love that smell)!!

While Josh and I made dinner, Audrey just sat in her highchair - we are not feeding her big girl food yet, but she likes to sit in the chair and watch us.

Friday, May 22

Our neighbor - Tony & Nicole - let us borrow their entertainment saucer. It's been a week and she is really starting to take to it. New sounds and objects to grab at.

Look at those chubby checks!

Monday, May 11

A number of pictures from Mother's Day Weekend!
Audrey made this for me at daycare - Alena is so great!

Dinner time :)

Great Grandma Audrey, Amy, Audrey, & Grandma Pat

BIG smile!

Mother & Daughter

Saturday afternoon nap - do I have enough layers on or what! Is is May or December?!

We love waking Audrey - she is so cute in her little swaddle.

She's a walker - Josh loves to walk with her.

She's a smiler!

6:00pm cat nap - it's like clock work - 6:00pm and out!

Concentrating hard!