Wednesday, January 25

Audrey Is THREE!

Audrey is 3!

Audrey started her birthday celebration at Monessa's with a special party!

Monessa makes a cookie cake for her Munchkins and always asks the birthday girl/boy what they want on the cake, and a usual respond is a cartoon character. Not Audrey, she requested cupcakes and cupcakes is what she received. The link below are pictures from her special day with her friends at daycare. THANKS MONESSA!!

The next day, Saturday, Audrey officially turned three so we started the morning by waking her up with the twins and made flap jacks. Audrey is such a fan of helping me in the kitchen.

Josh was burping Nora and she was reaching for the bottle - kind of cute, she is our great eater!

That evening G&G Hochgraber came to celebrate as well as the Fosberg's to visit the twins and celebrate with us. This time Audrey simply requested cupcakes and she was able to pick them out. PINK of course - favorite color.

Couldn't resist - Audrey loves reading to the babies. Every night we have to bring at least one of them up for bedtime reading.

Explanation needed for picture below:

Often Josh and I work from home and Josh frequently places a pillow between the laptop and his lap. For her birthday we gave Audrey her own laptop and this is what she did with it. She must think laptop = pillow on lap! Super funny.

BIG sister PRIDE

Audrey - the BIG SISTER!

We have been talking about the twins for months and we couldn't be more proud of Audrey - she is so loving and gentle with them.

Twin Arrival

January 16, 2012

the TWINS arrived!

Creighton John

4lbs 7 oz

7:53 am

(Baby A)

Nora Ann

4lbs 14 oz


(Baby B)

Both Creighton & Nora arrived in perfect health!