Sunday, January 31

Audrey's 1st FACE FORWARD drive

It was so FUN to see her reactions as we drove around town. And from the looks and sounds of it, Audrey loved it too!!

Saturday, January 30


One year check up:
19 lbs 15 oz (27%) + 29" (47%) = One haPPy heAlthy little TODDLER :)

Newest Trick - WALKING and bending down to pick up items!! She has it mastered!

All of this walking leads to a tired little girl! Between playing with G&G, running around the house, and Grandpa taking AJ for a sled ride she was tuckered out!!
*It also leads to bumps, bruises, and cuts - you'll notice in these pictures she has a pretty bad owie on her nose.
AJ's first BIRTHDAY party with the Hochgraber family.

Saturday, January 23

What Audrey & Josh are learning while Amy is away...

Amy is visiting family in Alabama this weekend. Here's what we're learning so far:
1. We had fun @ Breck's birthday party on Friday
2. We make a mean looking snowman
3. Audrey can fit a really big pear inside her mouth
4. So can Josh
5. Our house really doesn't clean itself
6. Doing laundry is a lot more fun when you don't have to fold it
7. There is no sound like that of a sleeping child (quiet, that is)
8. Secrets kept from Mommy are not necessarily lies
9. Audrey is probably a better cook than Josh
10. We miss Mommy!!!

Wednesday, January 20

The phrase that changed our lives. . .

"You are having your baby - TOMORROW!"
One year ago today Josh and I went in for our usual appointment at 10:00 am for a 36 week check up. Due to circumstances with the baby's health Dr Deraney decided the best thing to do was have the baby tomorrow at 7:00am.
We were not expecting this to occur, we had 4 weeks left to prepare, plus I thought I would go past my due date!
So Josh and I both went back to work, I tried to pull myself together and get ready to be gone for the next 6 weeks.
A few great memories of the night before AJ came:
1. Working after I got home trying to finish a work project.
2. Calling Meagan and telling her the news. We talked about how prepared or unprepared we were. I told her I didn't even have a hat to bring the baby home in.
That night the Barkers surprised us and came over with a great little gift; a pink and blue hat. Little did we know she wouldn't fit into it for another month. :)
3. Josh yelling at me at 10:30pm telling me to close the laptop and come to bed.
4. Josh and I giving each other a hug in bed listening to the peace and quiet that we know would not be there when we returned with the baby.
5. G & G Hoch beating us to the hospital. Remember they live 1.5 hours away. Grandma did not sleep that night.