Wednesday, April 29

14 Weeks Today
Pretty in Pink STILL!
Audrey can still wear the same outfit she wore at 8 weeks old.
Look at the side by side comparison!
The picture on the left is from today (14 weeks) and the picture on the right is from March 18th (8 weeks).

Friday, April 24

Are we ready for summer or what!
This week we started swimming lessons!
We thought - when not a better time to get Audrey acclimated to the water but now when she is young - very young!
Audrey did really well, but she is not really a fan of being dunked by Josh.
Overall, she did great!
Here are a few pictures of the good time we all had!

The ladies above and thier children from L to R:

Emily & Hattie (6 months), Meagan & Dillon (2.5 months), Amy & Audrey (3 months) and Susan & Mason (2.5 months) & Cole (3 years).

Monday, April 20

Pedicures all around!!!
In preparation of the big swimming debut tomorrow, Amy and Audrey had their first pedicure together!
Audrey wanted the same funky color Mommy has!

We don't know who had more fun!!
Another Play Date
Last week Meagan, Dillon, Audrey and I took a trip to see baby Jack and the Fosberg family. Here is a picture of all three babies.
Dillion is two weeks younger than Audrey, and Jack in 8 days old in this picture. Audrey is such a peanut in the middle :)

Here is a picture with Ellie.

Tuesday, April 14

Just playing

Yesterday the we were playing with Audrey and she kept sticking her tongue out, it was so funny. I couldn't really capture it out all of the way, but it was super cute!

That tuckered her out and then she feel asleep on Daddy's belly. This is her new favorite way to fall asleep. Josh's thinks it's because it's a nice soft place :)

Monday, April 13

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was fun! We went to G&G Hochgraber Saturday and relaxed on the farm. Sunday we had 7:00am Easter service and then we headed to the church's cold basement for their traditional (???) Easter breakfast - scolding HOT hard boiled eggs and rolls. It's Easter - how about eggs :)

Everyone came home for alittle nap and then we headed over to the Hochgraber's (kent & marge) for Easter dinner.

Audrey woke up to Easter presents; an Easter basket from G&G Hooch full of real food (rice, sweet potatoes, & pears), a UND shirt, sandels, and of course an Easter book. Josh and I got her alittle dictionary book.

Tuesday, April 7

Ring Around the NUKS or
as Josh calls it
"the Nuk Buffet"

For those that know Audrey she does not relax much, and the go go go continues with her Nuk selection. To soothe Audrey we use Nuks, like normal babies. But Audrey has to be alittle more challenging, she likes to play 'ring around the Nuk'. We have three different types of Nuks. When she is ready for the next Nuk, she spits the one in her mouth and we give her the next!

Our friend, Megan, made those cute attachments so the Nuks don't fall to the floor.

Monday, April 6

Audrey's New Friend - Baby Fosberg

On Sunday Baby Fosberg was born! No name had been chosen - parents cannot decide - Jack or Grant! Anyway, we went to see the baby and guess what, he is almost the same size as Audrey. Baby Fosberg was born 9lbs and 20". Audrey @ 11 weeks is 9lbs 3 oz, and 21".
Look at his hands, they are huge! Baby Fosberg's pinky finger is as big as Audrey's middle!

Wednesday, April 1


8 FULL HOURS - Last night Audrey slept 8 full hours, 8 pm - 4:15 am.
We took these photos this morning. We wrap her up in a swaddle when she sleeps, the daycare kids call her the "green or pink burrito". Anyway, when we unwrap her she always STRETCHES and it's so darn cute - we say "TOUCHDOWN"!!
Audrey also upgraded to a bigger bottle - the milk is flowing fast now!!
Feeding time is reduced greatly :)

Audrey - the human green burrito.

Little stretch