Monday, April 26

Our little Pumpkin . . .

When Audrey was just a baby we called her pumpkin, but now a toddler, we can call her peanut, like my dad STILL calls me or Amy Bean.
We went to her 15 month check up and everything is great -
developing right on track & tall and thin.
21 lb - 20 percentile
31 " - 70 percentile

Monday, April 19

Random Pics

Our little camper! Audrey has her own little getaway. If she gets in trouble, look for this in the front yard...

We are starting the summer projects in APRIL!!! We are resurfacing the dock. It didn't start off pretty, but at least no one will fall through or receive splinters.

FORE, Audrey's starting to swing at the ball.

AJ's first bike ride. Josh and I switched pulling, he gave me the big hills!

Sunday, April 11

Weekend of R&R

We had a great weekend at home! Nothing too exciting, but a number of fun little pictures.

AJ signs "all done" she now knows please, thank you, more, bed time & is working on "all done."
AJ tickling Carter, Josh turned 31 and needed help blowing out the candle!!

AJ makes a tractor noise, Dillon & AJ, AJ in jail

AJ likes to tap, tap, tap the fuel tank - strange, new trick - tossing wiffle balls, still helping daddy rake leaves

drawing pretty pictures & daddy's dirty gloves - we got the dock in today, soon the boat :)

Thursday, April 8

Bath Time

It's always fun to give Audrey a bath. Just a few fun pictures. She likes to line the toys up and "count" them.

Monday, April 5

Easter Weekend

Dad & AJ raking some leaves - we were bad in the fall and didn't get to all of them. Then AJ got a little tired and came in to read some books.

On to the farm

FORE. . . . Grandpa Hooch will make AJ a golfer with a set her own size.

G & G saved a number of toys that Josh played with when he was a little boy.

Taking a break after sunrise service.