Sunday, December 5

more is better. . . according to Daddy!

It all started out with one or two sprinkles and a chip,
and then Daddy started to coach Audrey.
and the result of the coaching. . .
Then the waiting game.

Monday, November 29

Parading we will go

Wind, Snow, heck no . . .
We grabbed candy, a copier and of course Audrey and walked
Washington St for the Annual Detroit Lakes Holiday Parade.

Sunday, November 21

First dusting of SNOW

We woke up to a little snow this morning so Daddy & AJ had to go and play.

Saturday, November 20

4,3,2,1 weeks - the countdown begins

4 weeks and counting. . .
Walls are painted in the bedrooms.
Here's AJ in our bedroom.
Texture and LOTS of sanding occurring in the bonus room.
(picture below show you how much I LOVE the sanding - DUST EVERYWHERE)

Audrey's old room will now be our mud room.

Through the opening upstairs will be two bedrooms.
The opening at the bottom of the stairs is the master bedroom and bath.

The outside is almost done.
We're just waiting on gutters and lights to be installed.
In the spring we will receive the cement walkway, driveway and ALOT of landscaping.

Tuesday, November 2

Trick - or - Treat

We took Ms. AJ trick or treating to a few of our friends houses and met some friends along the way. Woof woof!

Monday was Patty's Halloween Party
Bobbing for apples, pin the hat on the scarecrow, pumpkin carving, sack races
. . . I'm tired thinking about it all.

Wednesday, October 27

Fashion Show for Grandma

Tonight we Skyped Grandma H & AJ had a little Halloween Fashion Show.
Patty has a number of costumes so I asked if we could bring them home to show G&G.
I had three but AJ was done at two.

Before winter hit yesterday AJ played in the dirt and watched "Hunter and Boys" -as AJ calls them - clean up.

Sunday, October 24

Rainy day = A day of lessons

1. AJ saying her full name: Audrey Jean Hochgraber
2. Planting a evergreen in a pot - we are going to use it for AJ to decorate this X-mas.
3. Playing the piano and taking a break to give Mommy a scary look!
4. Sitting in her big girl boaster seat. (we've been placing the high chair up to the table so it's really not that big of a change - but now no more monster high chair in the way :)

5. Pull ups in the bonus room - we had to get some fresh air.

6. Daddy subtly showing/telling Mommy she has a problem.

Friday night AJ & I & the Ritchies went over the Petsinger's for Pizza Friday. AJ & Hattie played with the puppy and the "nay's".

Wednesday, October 20

Mommy & AJ Date Night

At the library.
Audrey just loves to lay on her "tummy" and read away. I believe this was her 5th or 6th book she did this with. She even put the books away when done "reading" out loud. I had to keep reminding her we were at the library.
And of course, just like at home Audrey loves to put together puzzles and sing 'A, B, C', 'A, B ,C' over and over and over again! Again, had to reminder of being quiet.
House Update: Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Insulation, Windows, New Driveway, Roof - check!
Tomorrow - sheet rock and siding.

Sunday, October 10

favorite snack passed down to Audrey

My favorite snack is Apple & Peanut Butter.
I cut it in half and load it with a ton of PB.
Audrey always asks for apples so today I loaded her up too.

We took another ride today.It was so strange, no leaves on trees but beautiful out!

I'm not sure if you'll notice the difference,
but a number of trees came down on Friday.

Wednesday, October 6

Drive home thoughts

Each day after work I drive home and think of family time, peace & quiet, what am I going to make for dinner and recently I added, "What did they get done?" to the list.

Today -
a roof, windows and a second story was completed.

On the agenda for tomorrow -
Open up the addition to the existing house.
Excavating - a few trees will be taken down in backyard to open it up. Here is a before:

And - like usual - when they dig we find more rocks.

Monday, October 4

Evening Stroll

An evening stroll with the neighbors.
We took a walk around the block and met up with some of our neighbors -
just soaking up the nice weather.

A little house update -
The opening is going to be the master bedroom window.
There will be one directly above it for a kids bedroom.
Tomorrow they are going to work on the upstairs.

The siding is off, they are getting ready to start framing up the attached garage and bonus room above. But, they are going to finish the bedroom first.

Opening will be a 6' X 2' window that will be placed above the bed.
To the left will be the master bathroom.