Sunday, September 23

Creighton & Nora are 8 months & we love how different they are!
N - 2 teeth (bottom 2) 
C - 4 teeth (top 2 & bottom 2)

N - still looking for a place to put a clip
C - ready for a trim

N - crawling like a champ & creeping along the coffee table
C - doing the army crawl & standing along the coffee table

N - busy & intense
C - calm & easy going

Favorite past time:
N - crawling & toys in mouth
C - jumping, rediscovering he has hands & toys in mouth

N - mouth wide open like a little bird
C - mastered finger food

Sleeping - through the night but....:
N - a little wound up, always a chore to calm her down
C - out like a light!
Christmas came early for the kids, G&G Hochgraber.....we love them!
Audrey has a little Gator, but now she has a "big kid" Gator.
Freedom... I'm out of here!
With our long driveway we never worried about Audrey reaching the out!
Fall is here and the trees are beautiful, we are fortunate to be surrounded with them.

Saturday, September 15

Maple Hills Orchard

A trip to the local Apple and Pumpkin Orchard.


Creighton & Nora tried a new snack tonight and I thought it was cute to see them hold it the same way!

Saturday, September 8

Cheering them on!

Today we cheered on and handed out water to the participants of the Dick Beardsley 1/2 Marathon.  This year there were over 2,100 runners.

Little Carter, Lilly and Charlotte came over for a little play date.  Patty stated, "Carter, who are  you talking to?"  Carter - "I'm talking to you!"
Just hanging in the laundry basket
We might not have grass growing outside so I'm doing it inside! 
It adds some color to the the table and it's fun to watch it grow.

Monday, September 3

Out for a little walk
Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion - Audrey drove the tractor all by herself.
A little beach time with Carter...
Ready for winter..."I'm not hot yet" - she kept telling us!
Audrey & I playing "house" making Black bean Avocado Salad.  She loves to cut cut cut, she can't get enough of cutting paper, cheese, or avocado in this salad.