Sunday, September 29

Trinity Lutheran Fall Festival

Today was Trinity Lutheran Church annual Fall Festival.  Running around, hayrides, singing with Tim Eggebraaten, typical church potluck and hot dogs, S'mores, pumpkin painting, and much much  more.

Mattie helped Audrey paint a pumpkin.
Crieghton loves wondering off on his own...lots of room to roam here.
They loved the wide open space, we were just shaking our heads.
Mattie helping Audrey and Nora perform the scavenger hunt.
Who doesn't love a little music from our local Detroit Lakes Police Chief, Tim Eggebraaten.
S'mores bring out the kid in all of us!
A little chicken dance is always a crowd favorite.
Nora was giggling like crazy when Grandpa pretended to sit on her. 

Josh asked....What were you thinking...

Snack time...yogurt, Cheerios and juice box, a little messy!
Who needs the straw...oh Miss Nora!
We don't know how yogurt got all over his face?
Thankfully we don't have to worry about Ms. Audrey, always neat and orderly!

Tuesday, September 24

Laker Prep Family Night

Tonight we went to Laker Prep's Family Night at the Timmerline Ranch.  We visited with new friends, the petting zoo, sat around the fire, watched the kids play on hay bales and the highlight for all three kids was riding the pony's.
Beautiful place to snap a few shots. 

Monday, September 23

The Hochgraber family celebrated Grampa Keith and Great Grandma Audrey's Birthday.
Aunt Marge always beings good laughs and creative gifts.