Sunday, January 30

Princess Party for our Princess

Another Hochgraber Birthday another GATHERING :)
We had the Hochgraber group to our house for Audrey's Princess birthday party.

We played games and opened too many presents.

Wednesday, January 26

Another Year . . . Another Check Up with Dr. Brian

We are very fortunate in that Audrey has not been to the doctor since her 1 year check up, but today we went in for her 2 year check up. Everything looks good!
Height: 33.75" - 48%
Weight: 24.2lb - 16%
Like many of you know, there is A LOT of waiting at the doctors office, so we were singing and counting trying to pass the time. But, I caught Audrey even getting a little bored too. . .

Sunday, January 23

Afternoon Baking. . .

While Daddy ran to town, Audrey & I made him black bean Peanut Butter Brownies!
End result. . . Batter around the mouth!
AJ dumps the mix
Mommy & AJ dump in the black beans
AJ stirs, stirs, stirs...
AJ licks the spatula - no raw eggs - it's OK :)
AJ found a drop - she licked that up too.

TWO Today!

Our little pumpkin is TWO!
From singing the ABC's & counting to 10 to pottying on the "BIG white one", she has grown up so much lately.
We started her special day with 2 candles on her pancake.