Friday, October 23

Another Check-Up

Audrey had her 9 month check-up and she doing great.
Height: 28.3", 76 percentile
Weight: 18lb, 4 oz, 41 percentile

Who needs fancy toys, rough paper at the doctors office kept her entertained for 30 minutes while we waited for Dr. Brian to come in :)

Wednesday, October 21

A few family photos

This past weekend we went to the farm (G&G Hooch) for a little family reunion, Katie & Jeremy were home from Germany and Ben & Cara too!! It was so great to see them together - Katie had never seen Audrey in person. While we were all home G&G Hooch lined up a family photo session so we took a few of our little family too. It was great timing, Audrey turned 9 months today.

Sunday, October 11

BIG Weekend. . .

BIG Ten tailgating Purdue vs U of Minnesota. . .
Side Story: Poor Audrey, we were walking and she kept loosing her left shoe. So after the third time, I continued to look down to check for them. I noticed her shoe was kicked off again but this time her sock was off too. Funny thing is, it was 30 degrees and 16mph winds and she didn't make a fuss about it. Josh ran back and found the shoe and sock, I could not believe someone would not have stopped us, she has a shoe and sock on the other foot!

BIG Bear Hug
BIG girl car seat. . .
While in the cities we picked up AJ's big girl car seat. I took her to daycare in it this morning (of course backwards still) and she still sang me a song and played with her keys.

Monday, October 5

Viking vs Packers . . . who will win?!

AJ received this shirt from a customer of Josh's.

Sunday, October 4

UND Homecoming

This past weekend we went up to Josh's homecoming - good old University of North Dakota.
We went to a parade, took over the Sig Ep house, and tailgated before the game.
A few of the kids AJ played with at UND. We really had the Sig Ep house rockin'!
AJ, Mason, Dillion, and Jack

AJ loves sitting on Josh's shoulders.

Don't you love those pictures that you take while holding the camera :)

Friday, October 2

Freedom . . .

I know you might think we are crazy but for the past 8 months we have been swaddling Audrey. She loves it, when it's bed time, we lay her down and she even places her arms down by her side.Last night we gave it a try and gave her FREEDOM - no swaddle! She did great. She woke up once and Josh found her face down and her head wedged in the corner of the crib. He turned her around, placed her in the middle again and this is how we found her this morning. Even when she was swaddled it is always fun to see where she is at in the morning.