Monday, May 27


Pat and Keith (G&G Hochgraber) are officially retired!!  We went to Pat's retirement party and the kids were definitely the entertainment.
Remember Pat's party.....would have been nice to get her with the kids, nope....bad daughter-in-law!

Wednesday, May 15

Where there is one, there is another.
Creighton was sitting in Audrey's play crib peacefully, then Nora noticed him and she had to be in there too.  Believe it or not, there were no tears due to this cute moment.

Sunday, May 12

It may not feel like summer, but we are still playing on the dock and sand.


Saturday, May 11

Morning at the DLCCC

This morning we headed to the DLCCC for a dip in the pool and run around the Backyard. 
Nora loves the water.  She would run, fall, her head will go under water and she didn't's a big surprise as she is our "sensitive one"!
Snack time and to the Backyard.
Audrey's Spring Program at Holy Rosary.
We ask Audrey where Grandma Debbie lives and she pointed to Alabama, same with where Grandpa Dennis and where we live.

Monday, May 6

Monther's Day Weekend (a little early)

In celebration of Mother's Day (a week early) Pat, Audrey and I packed this weekend full of fun activities.
We started with Audrey's first Pedicure.  She loved it!
Had lunch and did a little shopping.  We always like to try on the silly glasses.
Went to dinner at Grandma's for some home cooking.  We also had to feed a number of "babies as they had not been feed in a long time, they were crying a lot!" - Audrey.
Next to Laker Prom Grand March.
Audrey loved watching all of the "princesses and barbie dresses".  She keep telling me which one looked like the dresses we have at home.  We also went to see Cole (Monessa's son). 
Sunday, Audrey and I went to the "The Glass Lady" and did a mosaic pot.  Audrey picked all of the colored glass and I think she did a wonderful job. 

Wednesday, May 1

I found this three wheeler and all of the kids loved it.  The back wheels spin 360 degrees so when you stop and you spin in a complete circle.  I have even taken a ride or two. 
Mr C. working on his tractors.