Wednesday, November 14

family trip to salon

Mr. C getting his first haircut

 Looking good - no more wings or mullet :)
Audrey was due for a cut as well.


Sunday, November 4

bUNgee CoRD!

When I leave for the a few hours I never know what Josh will do with the kids....below are the pictures that I came home to.  Josh bungee corded/seat belted Nora and Creighton so they didn't fall out.  Josh stated they did about 10 laps around the house.  I couldn't stop laughing with Josh showed me.  It just makes me wonder what happens when I'm gone for a few days or a week for work! 


Just playing in the leaves.

Pumpkin patch goal, find the strange pumpkins and gourds!
Josh & Audrey... ready to play on their toys!