Thursday, August 23

Seeing Well

All eyes on Nora and Creighton.  We had their eyes examined by Dr. Mike and everything went well.
Just waiting for their eye to dilate. 
Gift from Grandpa Dennis - the Walk Disney castle and shovel & Dr. Seuss cups for all!  THANKS!
A little bath time and still have to have something in their mouths.
I saw this and this it was super cute.  The twins toy is a hit with Audrey too!
  We've been feeding the twins for about 3 months now.  Creighton has some apprehensions about opening up, but Nora caught on fast - wide open!

Sunday, August 12

Nora's new hiding spot to get away from the chaos!

 N & C are so happy when they wake from their nap so I captured the moment.

We are on all FOURS!!!  It's a matter of days :)  I leave for the week for work and I'm hoping not to miss the big moment when she starts crawling!
New/old toy...everything in the mouth.
Baby party at Mouw's!  More kids than adults!
Proud mama Kerry comforting Henry.
Henry & Brynn (almost a month)
 Carter (5) & Morgan (4 months)
 Miles (1 month)

AND...Where is Audrey???...thanks to Ms. MONESSA and her family, Audrey went to thier cabin for the weekend.  We had a little peace and quiet!  Boy...two kids....PIECE OF CAKE :)  THANK YOU HEGG family!


This is what the house looked like this weekend as when we prepared for the next phase for the twins... 9 - 12 month clothing and sippy cups.  Every available place to hang clothing taken and a lot of water used this weekend :)

Tuesday, August 7


Audrey, Josh and I went to the Fair Hills Resort Smorgasbord and Hootenanny!  It's a show put on by all of the summer workers (mostly high school/college age kids).  It was a HOOT!  Audrey had so much fun dancing and singing along! 
 Can't go to a show without popcorn! 
The group sang a number of fun interactive songs and renamed lyrics to fit the resort, like clear fair hill cup.  Super fun!  Can't wait to go back next year as each year it's a new group of workers and songs.

Today we also had Nora and Mr. C's 6 month check up (a month late), here we are in the waiting area.  Nora is doing great with sitting on her own, C still working on it. 
Both growing and doing great!
Nora - 14.8 lbs (16%), 25.5" (27%) and head circumference at 55%
Creighton - 16.3lbs (17%), 27" (60%) and head circumference at 84%

FUN FACT:  Audrey's weight and height were IDENTICAL to Nora's at her 6 month check up!

Sunday, August 5

random pics of weekend

Just hanging out....Creighton's M.O.
 Josh and I went to WE Fest...dressed the part, cowgirl boots and all!  We saw a number of great country performances including Eric Church, Toby Keith, and Alabama (all up close this year!)
 Bath and R&R time.

Twins...but very different in personalities and looks...I was trying to capture their facial differences.