Thursday, March 26

2 Month Check Up

Today we all went to Audrey's 2 month check up. She is growing!! She is 9lbs, 3 ozs and 21" long. She is in the 11th percentile for weight and 5th percentile for length. She was a trooper, she cried when she got stuck by the needle, however, she stopped right afterwards. Sad thing is that she received three shots, so as soon as she calmed down, the next one came.

Wednesday, March 18

8 Weeks Today

Pretty in Pink

Saturday, March 14


Another first this week, Audrey sat in her Bumbo chair. Yesterday Amy was talking with two other mom's and the chair was brought up so we thought we would try it out and it was a success!!

Friday, March 13

Big Girl Pants!!!
Today Audrey wore pants!! For the last 7 weeks her tiny waist did not allow her to wear pants, she always wore sleep and plays! It's a big day. She looks like such a big girl!

Thursday, March 12

Wednesday, March 11

Splish, Splash
Audrey's taking a Bath

Since we have not shown you what a good girl Audrey is in the bath, we thought we'd share some photos. The usual procedure is Josh holding her in the tub and Amy washes Audrey. We tried it the other way around and we decided to stick with what was working! Tonight she was very content so just let her hang out in the tub for a while.

Audrey looks super cute in her little froggy hoodie that Auntie Alison gave her.
Watch out - close up - look at that double chin, just like Amy's!!!

Monday, March 9

Audrey's Baptism

Audrey was baptised Sunday at Grace Lutheran Church in Grandin, ND. The gown that Audrey is wearing has been wore by a number of Hochgraber family members including Grandpa Keith and Josh. We had many family members come in for the event. We started the day at church, had cake afterwards in the church basement, and then went to Josh's parents house for brunch. Audrey was alittle angel throughout the entire service and day. When we were up at the alter she just looked around and even when the cold water touched her head - nothing - very content. Good girl :) Pastor Kessler is the same pastor that married Josh and Amy.

Four Generations: Great Grandma Audrey, Josh, Audrey, Grandpa Keith
Grandpa Dennis, Amy, Audrey, & Alison

The Hochgraber family: Josh, Amy, Audrey, Pat, Ben, Keith

Audrey's Sponsors; Aunt Alison & Uncle Ben with Pastor Kessler

Wednesday, March 4

6 weeks old

I placed Audrey next to this little toy and she would hit it to make it move, it would stop and she would hit it again, it was really cute. Not sure if she really knew what she was doing, but let's say she did :)
Here is another picture of Audrey with her little pink bear, look at those legs!