Thursday, September 15


the BABIES!!
Baby A


Baby B

Today we went for the 19 week check up and after 2 hours of ultrasounds and the consultation with our high risk doctor, a CLEAN BILL of health for all three of us!

Baby A has a heartbeat of 148 and measuring in the 36th percentile, weighing around 10 oz.

Baby B has a heartbeat of 150 and measuring in the 24th percentile weighing around 9 oz.

Nope....we didn't find out the genders :)

Monday, September 5

Weekend of Play & Labor

PLAY - A day at Western MN Steam Threshers Reunion. Audrey couldn't get enough of the horses and tractors - she must get that gene from her father.

Who could resist homemade caramel and green apples.

Audrey learning how to separate the chaff and grain - it's a life skill you know!

A little parade watching with tractors as far as the eye can see.

Nap free until the ride home...I don't know who was more tired Mommy or Audrey.

LABOR...picking rocks! Audrey loves riding in the pickup truck. Not so safe for her, but the rocks are down a dirt road from our house.

The project is not completed but it's a great start.

The deer like the year we are going to try harder to keep them out.

A trick from Daddy - wash the fresh tomato from the garden on this inside of your shirt..then eat it! Dirty to clean in no time.