Monday, August 30

a little progress/move

Start the day with a BIG bear hug to daddy.

Then the movers came. . .

We were pumped to move all of our belongings back into the garage (especially with the weather coming) until we got hit with the beams still being in the garage. So tomorrow night, garage moving party :)

Sunday, August 22

I'm not doing well . . .

with this arrangement. We were told that early this week the garage would move, so we had to empty it out. The only "logical" place to move everything is on the back deck and in the front entry way. We feel a little trashy. We at least placed tarps over everything in case it rains.

As Josh stated today, "we need a few cars that don't work in our yard to complete the look."

Tuesday, August 17

Week 1 Completed . . .

It's been so fun to see what can happen in a week. . .

Dig a big hole, fill the big hole, and then a

concrete slab for the existing garage was complete. Now we have to wait 7 - 10 day for it to cure to move the garage.

But, it didn't take long for Audrey and Josh to start playing on it.

New septic and mound . . .
LAST but not least . . . VERY EXCITING . . . Audrey is going potty on the big girl toilet!

Monday, August 9

Day 1 - TIMBER . . . .

Day 1 - prepping for the new septic with a lot of tree removal.
You'll notice the red tape around trees - those are the ones that will be going too.

Day 2 - septic goes in - exciting - stay tuned.

Sunday, August 8

Working weekend with G&G Hooch

A tough Weekend of WORKING on the FARM. . .
I pick & eat

but, I have to take time to play in that black dirt.
Then, I pick & eat - again
. . .

They always put me to work, now I have to mow w/ Grandpa
but... No Picking this time - Just EAT w/ Grandpa
Thank you G&G Hooch - great weekend away from mom & dad!

Sunday, August 1

no camera = no pictures

We decided to leave the camera on the top of the car, leave it on the side of the driveway, and then proceeded to allow 9 inches of water over two weeks splash on it, HENCE no pictures in many weeks. But. . . we were on the farm this weekend after a wedding and G. Hooch got a few fun pics.
MAJOR Bedhead

Chatting with Auntie Katie from Afghanistan.