Monday, September 27

Who needs a sWinG SeT when you have lumber

At gymnastics we have been practicing walking and jumping on and off of the balance beam.
Audrey will be ahead of the class due to the practice we had tonight.
We even remembered to have her put her arms to the side :)

Sunday, September 26

Our Pumpkin HOLDING Pumpkins

This afternoon we took a BIG trip 5 miles to the Maple Hills Orchard.

Daddy & daughter lesson for the day - "this is the tassel... the ear... the leaves...the stock, ect" Super cute. We have corn close to our house and every time we drive by AJ yells out "CORN!" (it actually sounds like "dorn!").

Audrey thought she was super girl today - she tried to pick up a number of pumpkins, so the one that she actually carried we took home - the pumpkin was 3.5 lbs.

But, before taking it home, we had to draw on it with markers and then paint it.
And, now we have a new center piece for the kitchen table.

Saturday, September 25

Small town Fall Festival

A little early morning jaunt took us to Lake Park to their Annual Fall Festival.
We. . .
bought some old chairs from a church at the flea market, rode on the barrel ride, danced to a group of fiddlers, ran through the craft fair, saw some old cars, a "nayh" (or horse to the rest of us) drawn wagon, went to a few "garbage" sales as Josh calls them, ate at the local cafe, and finally went home to a long awaited nap.
Great fall morning in upper Minnesota!
Tonight we might have gotten in our last pontoon ride too!
G & G Hooch came for the day!

Thursday, September 23

photo shoot with Meg

Last night we went to an old barn and Meg took a few shots of Audrey with the headbands she makes.
Meg makes a number of hair accessories, you can pick them up at


Saturday, September 18

Audrey begins her Olympic training...

Thursday night was AJ's first day in gymnastics.
How much FUN!
We're so glad we have the opportunity to watch her bounce around the gym.
The other girls in the class were all at least one year older than her, but they are all great role models.
I'm not sure who had more fun in the pit, Audrey or I?

Audrey said, "ALL DONE" and threw the gloves down!

House Update:
Concrete floors and walls in, now another 7 - 10 days of waiting while it cures, and
then the FRAMING begins!!!!

Wednesday, September 15

a little vision of what is coming

Crawl space for bedrooms and bathroom.

Slab and foam for garage.

Tomorrow Audrey has her first day at gymnastics - we'll grab a few snap shots of that :)

Wednesday, September 8

SpliSH SplaSH . . . in the mud

Only a father would encourage and take pics!

Digging and footings.

You know - RAKING dirt. I told Josh the rock would not look good next to the hosta's but he insisted.

Mounds of dirt/MUD everywhere!

Monday, September 6

farming traditions come back for JOSH. . .

Starting with a trip to Rollag. Josh enjoyed showing Aurdery and I the horse drawn swather, horses in the barn, and old school tractors/equipment. Audrey grabbed a stock of wheat and held onto it for a good hour, it was funny to see her dragging it around.

Then we came home to a farm favorite. . . PICKING Rocks. Tomorrow they will start digging for the addition and garage so G &G Hooch came to help move the plants and pick rock around our house. Can you believe we found all of these in our yard!? Hard work is over, we'll purchase the rest :)