Monday, June 27

Weekend Review

Our weekend started with the Turtle Fest Parade, but this time we were IN the parade. Audrey loved passing out candy, she would take one piece and hand it out to one person at a time. Special thanks to Chrissy's sister for driving the copier - you did a great job!

"What is in the bag"......"oh Mommy, can I have a sucker, can I have a sucker?"

Our future Miss DL (just kidding!) - just sitting & waving to all of the people.

A few hours of SUN allowed for a little boat ride.

Audrey watering a container. . . Audrey being watered by Dad. . . Audrey watering the lake.

Monessa introduced fishing to Audrey and she loves it!

Beauty Shop @ the Hochgraber's!

Sunday, June 12

Big Night for a BIG GIRL

Saturday we went to the Hawley Parade, very big parade for small town America! There were a lot of tractors, horses, SIRENS - very loud, TONS of candy - sending that with Audrey to Monessa's for treats, and of course people to watch :)

Thanks for Grandpa Dennis, Audrey has a new car toy to keep her busy!

As for the BID NIGHT....Saturday morning we bought Audrey a queen size bed and she was SO excited to go to bed last night! We were curious as to what would happen at night-would she fall out, run down to us - nope. Next curiosity was in the morning, would she be sitting at the foot of our bed watching us or playing in her playroom - nope the usual, I found her playing in the bed with her blanket and bears. STATUS QUO! I got up at 6:00am and took this picture.

We finally bought blinds and bedding for Audrey so it will start to look like a little girls room!