Sunday, December 30

Family Sled Ride

Today we went to a family sled ride through the neighborhood and ended up on the lake (about an hour walk/hike through the snow).  Beautiful day to be outside.
We thought we were going to lose Creighton as his eye were getting heavy. To our surprise he made it....all the way to the highchair and then we lost the battle
I love the look of homes with a snow covered roof and trees.

Thursday, December 27

Time for some fresh air

It was perfect weather to bundle up and head outside.  The kids simply love the fresh air!
G & G wanted in on the photo opt too :)
Emma & Riley - they could take Audrey out with the wag of their tail!
Audrey helping with chores, the kittens need to be fed too!
Almost walking....taking about 10 steps on her own!
Mr. C content hanging out in the warm barn.
Chores are done...time to ride

Thanks Ben & Cara for a great Christmas experience!

Let the PARTY begin!

After a wonderful meal we played a game with our 'H' presents.   Presents ranged from Hot Da@#* Pucker to homemade goodies to hangers to gift cards that started with H - very fun idea! 
Then Audrey opened and opened and opened - again, wonderful clothing and toys from the family and Santa.

Before the group came to Christmas in Bismarck

While we waited for the group to come; we prepped, cleaned and played.
Santa came to Bismarck and he gave the twins a drum set. 
The set up before the group arrived.
What is sounds like a vacuum but it looks different than the Miele vacuum at my house!
Soon they will come....

Christmas in Fargo

Next to Jill, Jess, & Erika's house for Christmas Eve dinner and more presents!
Creighton wanted to touch the pretty balls, but instead he just chomped on the soft rattle - way to hold yourself back bud!  Such a well mannered kid!  We love you C!
Grandma never passes an opportunity to read to Audrey.  Audrey loves the "Pete the Cat" series. 
And Nora never passes an opportunity to climb on the dishwasher and give her goofy smile.
Everyone gets a turn with the reindeer antlers!
Time for presents and Audrey was able to pass them out.  She had me hold onto all of gifts for the kids until she was ready to open all of them!
Everyone was so generous with adorable clothing and special books!
The clan relaxing and visiting.
GG Audrey holding a tired little boy, waiting patiently until he got in the car to head to Bismarck.
The twins, Josh and I made the trip that night while the rest of the group came the next morning.  We thought the twins would sleep while we drove, but it took them a while to relax.  Josh was driving and almost lost all feeling in his right arm holding C's hand, but it was all worth it to be here that night.

Sunday, December 23

Christmas on Pearl

 A few of Audrey's projects from Monessa's and daycare.
No Christmas tree this year...but the lonely plant up in the bonus room played the part just fine.
 Always FUN to make a treat!  We were making Yummy "Pumpkin Pie Chex Mix" - 3 different types of Chex, brown sugar, pecans, vanilla and butter!
Always have to sample what you are making!
As we made our treat, the twins were doing one of their usual past times, chasing a ball.  One of them tosses the ball and they both chase after it. They usually go from one side of the house to the other, usually ending up under the highchairs or kitchen table - and then someone hits their head and the fun stops for a while!
Presents came from Grandpa Dennis, Grandma Debbie and Josh and I.  Mostly clothes, shoes, winter gear and a few toys from the grandparents.  Santa will being the toys for the kids.
Grandpa's 'dress up' dress was a hit, she didn't take it off the rest of the day. 
She just loved to twirl and twirl.
Another Christmas favorite was the Cinderella pajama's.  We ended the night with Audrey watching the movie and twirling throughout the movie.
1 Christmas celebration down, 2 more to go.  Tomorrow we hit Fargo and Tuesday we head to Bismarck to Uncle Ben & Auntie Cara's.