Sunday, June 23

We spent the afternoon on the pontoon, playing in the sand and a little Zorbaz for dinner!
Creighton was policing the walkers and walking up and down the little curb there.
Look at those cheeks!!!
Creighton looking ever so cute in a hat!
We are in the process on landscaping so I'm practicing in pots.  My mom is a Master Gardner....I might have to follow in her footsteps.  I'm really enjoying putting different colors and plants together.
Josh potted, I just told him where to place them, I managed the situation :)

Saturday, June 8

Hawley Rodeo Days
We started the day at one of the five parks in Hawley.  The kids loved it...a new park.
Off to see the classic cars.
After lunch I found Creighton trying to squeeze himself in between the cabinets and refrigerator.
Off to the parade after a nap.
Ms. Nora loves bananas.  Josh cannot believe I just give her the banana as I would have never done that with Audrey.
The parade.
C man was mesmerized by the Deere's going by, he didn't move a muscle!
All three kids did a fantastic job grabbing candy and either handing it to someone else or placing it on the chair.  It was super cute to see the twins do it.  They are getting great at following directions.
After the parade we went to G & G for dinner and a little fun outside.