Saturday, July 28

Tractors, Animals, & Rides

You guessed it, the Becker County Fair.  We started our day at the tractor parade, farmers market and a few swings at the playground.
Grandpa always has to bring a few gifts, this time he brought a birdhouse that they had to put together and color.  He even bought Audrey her own little hammer.
 After a little R&R we headed to the Fair.  Audrey loved looking at the farm animals and really enjoyed the rides!  Audrey and I had to ride the Dragon Wagon twice (the ride below).

Friday, July 27

Clowning Around Night

Just a night of clowning around!

Audrey or Dad... who is winning?!?!
Creighton & Nora jump, jump, jumping...goodness do they giggle!
Who knew adding a bedroom would be so beneficial with the twins and jumping.
Grandpa Dennis and Audrey bring silly and placing stickers all over us, even on our foreheads.

Sunday, July 22

Twins on the go go go again!

C ....jumping away
Ms. Nora running

Weekend visit from G&G

A fun weekend with G & G Hochgraber.
Water Carnival festivities, playing at the park, Pizza at Hotel Shoreham, ride in a classic car, & T-ball.

Thanks for the visit!

Monday, July 16

A & A night

Audrey & Amy night!
Day 3 of Water Carnival - Sweet Summer Night
Shopping, Dinner, Concert and Ice Cream...a great night to spend with Ms. Audrey

 All tuckered out and ready for bed!

Sunday, July 15

Beat the heat weekend...

Oh the dog days of summer...C taking a little cat nap before dinner!

 Ms Nora always wide awake...never wanting to miss a thing.
 A little water and we've got a SPIKE!
Audrey's little pose....we don't know where she gets it! 
Jaycee Water Carnival started this weekend....many more events and pictures to come.
Day 1:  The Fly In, Fly Out at our local airport - it's a little air show. We all couldn't get enough of the smaller planes and watching them land and take off.  Small town USA...we were a few feet from the runway.
 Audrey's good friend Carter came too.  They are two peas in a pod.
Day 2:  Family Day - kid games, face painting, watermelon feed,  G&G visit, Concert, Treasure Dig, etc 

Saturday, July 7


Another sport season has come and gone.. soccer.  I would give it mixed reviews.  Some days she was into it, other she was pulling dandelions and other she was asking Josh to go onto the field with her.  But, we went every Tuesday and Thursday with the hopes that she would prosper!

We'll be back next year! :)

Sunday, July 1

Turtle Fest Parade

Perham Turtle Fest Parade 
Audrey was the only child in the area = lots of candy = goes in candy jar at work!