Wednesday, April 27

Easter in TN

The ENTIRE Hochgraber and Mateja family went to TN for Easter - thus the reason for the 10 passenger van. Audrey did great on the plane, thanks to G&G who played with her the entire time.

We had to check out the helicopters that Katie (Chinook) & Jeremy (Blackhawk) fly for the Army.

You know a typical Easter Sunday. . . Semi-final Predator game. They won and WOW was it loud!! Audrey had a great time. She keep saying "go predators go".

Everyone likes hunting for eggs, even Fiona. Like Audrey's basket!

We went to the Clarksville Easter Egg Festival: kids everywhere, a scary bunny and bouncy house.

We went to walk a Bat Cave but a bat BIT someone a few days earlier, so just a walk in the park instead.
Audrey got just a little air on this swing. . .

A tired little girl in O'Hare, but bright eyed for the final flight home.

No, it's not a lake, it's still the flood water north of Fargo.

Tuesday, April 12

Why she loves the FARM

This past weekend we went to the FARM and Audrey just loves it.

Below she wanted to wear her hat & "farm coat".

G&G know she will get dirty there so she has special clothes to go play and get dirty.

It was MOVING weekend so Uncle Ben and Audrey used the tractor to move large items.

It was also Josh's Birthday, so Audrey and I made a little craft for "daddy's office - Marco".

Easter is around the corner so G&G had Easter Eggs colored before Josh and I even woke up!

Sunday, April 3

Started with the Fridge!

This weekend I realized the fridge had become an art gallery and they are all beautiful, but I thought we should start decorating the playroom with her art.

Kill two bird with one stone, decorate the room and get a clean fridge back :)


Get the tools out

Audrey's art up and finally something on the walls!

Next weekend, finish painting the play furiture.

A little R&R with reading (one of Audrey's favorite things to do)


(Josh calls it boring now!)

The weather still feels like Christmas time so we decided to make a gingerbread house that I bought - AWHILE ago :)

Yes, Audrey decided to place all of the same colors in a row - like mother like daughter.

Heart Walk Bake Sale.

BTD is having a bake sale and Audrey helped me bake Carrot Cake Muffins and Blueberry Muffins. I found super cute star muffin tins to place them in too.

I opened the door and saw this. . . video below as well.

All in one day!