Sunday, August 30

Another Weekend with the family

We went with the Barkers to Potato Days. We walked the street vendors, ate some potato fixins' and watched the parade.

For the past couple of weeks we have been feeding AJ baby food, items like sweet potatoes and chicken. I thought if I make chicken and sweet potatoes for Josh and I, why don't we simply give some to AJ!?! SO WE DID and SHE ATE IT UP, even on a big girl fork!!
We have not taken photos in the tub for while, here she is (a little bigger huh?).
We aren't sure if she likes to chew on the toys or play with them more!

Tuesday, August 25

This morning I wanted to put some of Audrey's laundry away so I put here in the crib, cranked the mobile and. . . easy entertainment

Tuesday, August 18

Same nuk. . . .

Obviously, this is now. . . AND this is Audrey on Jan 24, (first day home from the hospital @ 4.9 lbs). I know, horrible picture, it was taken with Josh's cell phone.

Monday, August 17

Ring around the Kitchen Island

G & G Hochgraber gave Audrey this walker last weekend and she conquered it this weekend! She was flying around the kitchen island. So fun to see her do new things.
She is such a little person!!
A short little video of her walking.

Wednesday, August 12

Peace, Quiet & A Biscuit

Last night I gave Miss Audrey a new food item to try - a teething biscuit. As I was cleaning the kitchen, I noticed that she was super quiet and simply chomping on the biscuit. So I walked over to her to see how she was doing and this is what I saw!!!
Eckks - A MESS!!!
But, from the looks of the biscuit, I think she likes it :)

Tuesday, August 4

Who does Audrey look like!?!

Josh and my 6 month baby pictures. . .
We think she looks like AUDREY :)