Sunday, July 26

Getting bigger everyday

6 months old and look what I can do . . .

Suck on my BIG toe. . .

Stand on my own. . .

Reach for toys . . . (crawling soon?!?!)

Sit on my own . . . LOOK . . . I even have TWO teeth . . .
We do not have Audrey's 6 month check up until early August, so we took her in to check height and weight and she is doing just fine!
14 lb, 8oz - 25% and 25.25" - 31%

Almost forgot!! Drive a tractor. . .

Wednesday, July 15

Sweet Potatoes

Yum Yum in the Tum Tum . . .

Audrey waiting patiently for her food. . .

Then she started pounding the spoon on the table. FEED ME!!!

YUM TUM. She likes them. She started leaning forward to get more.

Drunk on Sweet Potatoes

We have a good eater. . . A before and after container!
Look at how much she ate! I had to stop her, she would have probably finished the entire container!

Tuesday, July 14

Audrey tried alittle cereal last night!

Monday, July 13

Weekend Pictures

Tonight was "Pizza Night" with the Mouws'. We set out on the pontoon, picked up LeAnn, Brant, and Carter and had dinner on the pontoon - a first for all of us :)

Before we left Audrey was holding onto the sofa and standing - getting so big and strong! Josh had his hand there just incase!

Carter (3) and Audrey
(this little hat Audrey has on is from Germany - G & G Hooch got it for her when they went over)

What do you know, I have pants & fleece on- Josh has shorts & T-Shirt!

Today was catch up on the chores around the house and have friends over for dinner.

Tough day -took a little nap on the swing

The younger guests were Audrey (5.5 months), Jack (3 months) & Samantha (3.5 months).

Tuesday, July 7

Off to the Mateja family reunion

A great week in Chicago.

We packed everything imaginable or at least what would fit in the car (ridiculous) and started our trip at 10:00pm . . .

Aunt Katie gave Audrey this shirt, it says "baby's first fourth".

Grandpa Mateja holding Audrey proudly!

Naps, naps, naps. Audrey wore herself out and because we sat outside alot she started to like napping in the swing. This is Amy's Uncle Eddie holding Audrey.

The final feeding before the drive back. We felt a little trashy, changing Audrey on our seat and feeding her in a gas station parking lot, but you have to do what you have to do :)