Thursday, March 31

All my favorite little things

Today was my birthday so this morning Audrey and Josh surprised me with a gift bag full of all of my favorite little treats (I love but try to avoid :) and a few cute books to read to Audrey.

Another little favorite of mine is to see Audrey smile and have fun.

Click on the blog below to see what fun she had today with Monessa and her Munchkins!

Wednesday, March 30

T-Shirt Night @ Zorbaz

Every Wednesday is T-Shirt night @ Zorbaz and when you wear one you get discounted food and drink. So we threw Zorbaz shirts over our dress clothes and had cheap pizza and beer - milk for pumpkin :)

Audrey likes to take pictures, can you guess how many she took?

Audrey missed G & G so we tried to call them. No luck so we called Dad - even though we just left him :)

Answer: Three pictures

Menu, herself & Dad

Monday, March 28

A little hard work never hurt anyone

For the past week, Audrey has been earning her keep at home and at G&G's house.

A little trenching with dad. Water, water, everywhere!

Scooping snow off the deck.

She was super cute, she would scoop it up and toss it over the side. . . just like dad.

A moment to rest.

Will work for haircut

Even hard work completed on a relaxing weekend at G & G

MORE scooping . . but much more fun at G&G's.

There are always chores on the farm.

A moment to relax and then right back at it. . .

All of the hard work make a tired little girl.